First Blog!

    I'm so excited to get started with this Blog! I have to be honest, it took me about an hour to find out where to begin writing. But that's okay(: I'm here now.
     I'm apart of The Ember Cast, in which Tony Sheng catalyzed! I'm so stoked to be interning with my awesome brother, Ryan Aylward. I titled this blog as "Every eye will see him" as a constant reminder to why I am a part of this. It's to grow with Christ, learn about missions, and ultimately spread the gospel because every eye will see Christ eventually. It's our job to tell all those who aren't saved about salvation.
     Through this blog, I am eager to grow in my faith and learn a lot about the missions field. Faith is something that is constantly growing in my life and one of my goals for my senior year is to stretch that faith that God has given me to find my spiritual gifts. Christ is awesome and I'm hoping that every person that reads this blog will grow as well!

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